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12 August, 2019

How to get into RP
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One of the first steps to getting into RP is to find some! And this can be trickier than you first think, as it’s not always obvious where you can find RP.

So, let’s take a look at what you can do to get into RP in an MMO like FFXIV.

Find the right server

First step is to find the right location. Often in games there’s an unofficial designated RP server if there’s no official servers designated for RP. Even if there are official RP servers, people tend to congregate in a few. RP is a fairly niche interest in most MMOs, so finding the right server can help with a critical mass of people to RP with. It helps to have more people to RP with so that there’s more RP and thus more opportunities to run into RP.

Usually you can find this information out by asking around. Unofficial RP servers are usually known even to non-RPers. Of course, sometimes that’s because the RP server has a certain.. reputation. Goldshire on Moon Guard was infamous for being a place you shouldn’t visit, and I knew that even without getting into RP in WoW. Sometimes that reputation is deserved… sometimes not.

For FFXIV, Balmung is the granddaddy RP server. Mateus has also gained quite an RP community as well since Balmung was almost always locked against new character creation given how populated it was; of course, now Mateus is also very busy. But, with the addition of “World visit” you can visit either of these servers from any server on the Crystal data center without having to wait for character creation to be open.

Find the right hangout

Next step is to find the right place on the right server. Although it’s kind of neat to have RP all over the world, that doesn’t mean it exists everywhere. Often there are hotspots where people will congregate, and this is where you can meet other RPers to test the waters to find others who match your RP style.

Again, these places can be a mixed bag. You might find people more interested in ERP than in learning about your character. RP is like dating in some ways, gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince(ess). And so sometimes you have to decide if someone is worth the time or not.

In FFXIV, each of the major cities tends to have at least a small group of people who RP. But, the majority of people hang around the Quicksand bar in the city of Ul’dah. Of course, a lot of RP happens in personal housing as well, which can make it hard to find.

Find the right community

Sometimes the next step is to find a community of people you like. For some people, this might be just another person they like hanging out with. Others might find a group that likes the same particular thing: maybe a group that RPs nobles, or people from a specific race or from a specific location. Finding a group of people who like what you like and who can help you with your RP can be invaluable.

Finding these communities can be hard. Often you’ll need to hunt around for these communities, talking to people who might share interests or listening to zone-wide chat for advertising for such groups. You might also need to search for a few groups before you find one that fits.

Finding the right people

Finally, I think the best thing is to just find the right people, but this is after you find all the rest. Finding the right people, people who will do RP you like, match your style, and who will show respect to you, maybe even who you can become friends with is about the best thing possible. Even if online friendships are different, they can still fill a social need. But once you find good people, it’s a good idea to keep them close.

What do you think? How did you find RP in the game you enjoy?

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