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11 August, 2019

RP from the player’s point of view
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Having gotten some experience under my belt with FFXIV’s RP scene, I wanted to write a bit more about RP in MMOs from a practical point of view. First, I want to look at things from a player’s point of view, and how I went about getting involved in RP. Next week we’ll look at things from a developer’s point of view, about how RP looks from the development standpoint.

Wanted to get a few thoughts down in this post before I start in this week.

As I said, my RP background is mostly in tabletop. Probably not surprisingly, this tends to be uncommon these days. People have gotten into RP from forum RP or from other friends who RP more often that from tabletop. That means I’ve had to adjust some of my expectations, but also means when I find another tabletop fan that I can “talk shop” with them easier.

It’s also been interesting getting into from the perspective of a content character. I have a character who has gained the maximum level in all classes for each expansion before this. This makes it a little interesting, because there are not all that many people out there who do heavy RP on their content characters. Many people will create alt characters and will often buy items to let them skip leveling and story up to the beginning of the current expansion. I gotta imagine this is pretty profitable for RPers who don’t want to grind through the story or levels.

There’s also a lot of assumptions about RP characters and limitations. Just because I have all classes maxed doesn’t mean I get to RP as a world-class warrior, white mage, monk, bard, crafter, etc. The game assumes your character is special and one-of-a-kind, which explains why you can know so much and do so much on one character; most people in the world aren’t quite so blessed. So there’s limitations based on your character.

It’s been interesting diving into different parts of the lore. As with many things, the lore can seem like a confusing mess from the outside with conflicting information from different sources. For example, for the Miqo’te (cat people) Seekers of the Sun, the official naming convention says that the “Nunh” position is rarely the leader, but the two tribes you interact with in the game both have the Nunh as leader. So.. which is it? Often people will pick the source that meets their own preferences and claim that as primary, or come up with some explanation why it trumps the other source; for example, people say that the two in-game tribes are exceptions to the rule.

Finally, it’s been fun to meet all sorts of people and get to know them. I’ve had quite a bit of fun, and I hope I can share a bit of that experience this week! Ask questions here if you have any, and I’ll try to address them in the posts during the week. This is a pretty broad topic, but I think I can avoid repeating what I posted last year.

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