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18 August, 2015

In business, it’s all about the growth
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Blaugust, day 18

Today, I’ll write about one of the topics I’m most interested in: business. Specifically, how business impacts the development of games. I could sum it up in one word, “Growth”, but where is the fun in that?

17 August, 2015

Guild membership: single vs. multi
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Blaugust, day 17

As part of the potpourri theme this week, I’m going to public a post I had sitting in the drafts since early this year. I rarely keep drafts around, so it was a bit surprising to find this lurking as I was posting this month. Warning: this is one of my long-form posts and not the typical shorter posts I’ve been doing this month.

As I said before, please leave a suggestion on what to write about tomorrow in the comments below. Thanks!

A question of guild membership limits

I’ve participated in many discussions over the years about the role of guilds in MMOs. Specifically, is it better in a game to restrict membership to a single guild or allow people to belong to multiple guilds?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of multi-guilding in MMOs.

16 August, 2015

What I think of #Blaugust so far
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Blaugust, day 16

Here we are, just past the half way point for the month and I’ve been going strong so far. Today, I wanted to reflect on the experience so far.

15 August, 2015

Social Media: how to improve your experience
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Blaugust, Day 15

So, I’ve spent the week bemoaning social media. What can we do?

The reality is that a lot of the problems are problems with the culture that has developed on social media sites. Once a culture is established, it’s really hard to change it without a massive amount of effort. So, most of these suggestions will be steps you can personally do to improve your experience.

14 August, 2015

Social Media: blocking others from your bubble
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Blaugust, day 14

I’ve written so far this week about the sins of social media, and the problems that hinder what should be the greatest communication medium of all time. Today, I address the last issue I’ll cover: blocking others and the bubble reality some people cultivate.

13 August, 2015

Comments are broken for now. D:
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Comments are broken. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I suspect it might be something where the comment IDs are nearing 2 million. Long running blog + lots of spammers = big numeric IDs. Or it could be some problem with the database size.

I’ll poke at it more in detail when I have some time tomorrow or over the weekend. For now, if you really want to comment, I might recommend following me on Google+ where I’ve been cross-posting about the blog posts.

And, if anyone has any experience with WordPress and this particular error, let me know. The symptom is that submitting a comment seems to not do anything. I’ve disabled all the plugins and that did nothing. My preview plugin lets you preview the comment, but shows a comment ID that seems rather odd given that no new comments are coming in.

If you have any ideas, email me:

Social Media: tribalism and signalling
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Blaugust, day 13

Today, we’ll look at one of the biggest problems on social media: tribalism. People like to belong to groups, and social media has made it easier than ever to demonstrate allegiance to a particular group.

And this creates a lot of problems when it comes to actually communicating on the internet.

12 August, 2015

Social Media: your best foot forward
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Blaugust, day 12

Today we’ll discuss the issue of “projecting” in social media. Some people like to think of social media as this free and open communication medium where people can be themselves. The reality is that a lot of our images are carefully groomed and massaged to put our best foot forward.

11 August, 2015

Social Media: it leads to the dark side
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Blaugust, day 11

As I said yesterday, a lot of the worst things about social media are self-inflicted, mostly about the behavior online. I’m not just talking about trolls; they’ve been around since early the early days of the internet. Rather, I want to talk about some of the psychological quirks that serve us poorly in the age of hyper connectivity across the globe.

I’ll take a look at a lot of the worst of it in the remainder of this week. Today, let’s talk about anger!

10 August, 2015

Social Media: what gets promoted?
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Blaugust, Day 10

When I post here on my blog, I’m arguably promoting myself when I write here; the ads you see on my site generate very little income. These words belong to me as I pay the hosting, I write the words, I use software with a reasonable license.

But when I post a message on social media, how do my words get used? Arguably, I still own the words (depending on the EULA), but I’m at least letting someone else rent them out and profit from them. And, how they profit from those words influences how they treat me, my words, and topics that are important to me.

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