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10 October, 2005

Consulting services
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I may be available to do consulting work for projects wishing to have an expert on computer game development. My specialties are in multiplayer game development, primarily MMORPGs, drawing upon my years of experience.

Previous and current clients

  • Kenyon & Kenyon: one of the largest and oldest IP law firms in the world. I have done expert work in a patent defense case, as well as reviews of milestone and budget agreements in a contract negotiation.
  • Nevrax France: developers of the online RPG The Saga of Ryzom. Provided feedback on proposed PvP gameplay changes, and did technical implementation to specification of part of the planned PvP update.
  • Sunflowers GmbH: contract lead designer for an unannounced project: an MMO version of the Anno series. I was responsible for the overall vision, and producing designs for a prototype and the full game based on a treatment that was originally designed to use a microtransaction business model. I also provided feedback on project management processes and trained a junior designer new to game design. Company was purchased by Ubisoft.
  • Monumental Games Limited: on the project Football Superstars. I did contract programming to implement administration commands in the game and write an MFC application to allow customer service representatives to look at entries in a logging database.
  • Bigpoint: was initial lead designer for a project focused for the U.S. game market based on an original IP. I also provided feedback on localizing existing games for the U.S. market based on my design experience.

I can provide enthusiastic references from people I have worked with upon request.

My skillset

  • Effective Communication: I am an effective communicator. My training is in technical fields and I am a strong proponent of clear documentation and detailed records.
  • Game Industry History: I am knowledgeable about the history of the game industry, which is important for patent defense investigations and other expert work.
  • Game Development: I have worked on multiple levels of the games industry, from a starting programmer to the owner of my own company. I am familiar with development from these multiple levels.
  • Business Administration: I have experience with starting and running a business. I can review budgets, milestones, documents, and other important parts of the development process from a management point of view. I can also review contracts and offer feedback on the terms presented from both a publisher and developer point of view.
  • Game Design: I am adept at designing balanced game mechanics, at designing mechanics that are technologically feasible, and at creative writing and factual writing required for game design.
  • Game Programming: My training is in programming and software engineering. I am experienced at server development, scripting language issues, and can program in multiple languages. For technical work, I prefer longer contracts.
  • Team Management: I have experience in leading small teams to do development tasks.
  • Localization: I am familiar with localization issues as they relate to game development.
  • Training: I have experience in training others to perform tasks and assisting them in learning new technology.

Contact information

For more information about my services or availability, please contact me at for details. I’ll happily arrange time for a Skype conversation or a call if the work sounds interesting.

You can also download a copy of my resume for review.

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