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6 August, 2005

Psychochild’s Bio
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Brian Green, known by the online pseudonym of ‘Psychochild’, is an experienced online game developer. In his years of hobbyist and nearly two decades of professional experience he has done programming, designing, writing, and administrating.

Brian was always a game developer, even though he didn’t fully realize it until later. Like most kids, he played games on consoles and the computers at school. His ultimate career in game development was likely determined when he was typing the code to a game written in BASIC on an Apple II in 5th grade as a exercise in typing class; when the massive program refused to run Brian got his first taste of debugging. During college he played and developed text MUDs obsessively but still managed to graduate somehow. Slightly before graduating from the university he had an interview with a game development studio and realized, “Hey, people can get paid to make games!”

Brian finished college and received degrees in both Spanish and Computer Science with a minor in Business. He initially settled for a job that would make Dilbert cringe. After a year of that madness, he finally landed a job in the games industry; he started his professional career in 1998 working on the classic PvP online RPG, Meridian 59. He then left to work at the now defunct on “The Palace”, a noted graphical chat product, a bit before 3DO finally shut down the US version of Meridian 59 in August of 2000.

Brian later co-founded Near Death Studios, Inc. with fellow former Meridian 59 developer Rob “Q” Ellis II. In late 2001, the company had the opportunity to purchase Meridian 59 and work on it again. In May of 2002 Meridian 59 was re-launched by Near Death Studios, much to the delight of the game’s fans. Brian helped maintain Meridian 59 and run the business side of Near Death Studios, Inc. until it closed down in 2009.

He is a frequent speaker at game industry conferences and shares his experiences in developing independent games and running a games-based business. Brian maintains a professional blog discussing online game design and development at

Brian was also co-editor on the book Business & Legal Primer for Game Development, published by Charles River Media. The book covers many important business and legal issues in game development.

Brian is currently looking for the next new exciting opportunity in his career. He has done consulting and contracting work. For more information, you can reach him at Even if he’s unable to work with you, he might have a very talented contact who is available for work.

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