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5 January, 2009

Annual feedback time
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It’s that time of year. As I’ve done in previous years, I’m asking you what you’d like to see on this blog in the upcoming year.

I promise not to completely ignore the feedback.

To be honest, I haven’t felt super-inspired to write blog entries. I started the Design Challenges as something to force me to write on the blog on a semi-regular basis. The industry has been pretty boring lately, most of the pretenders to the throne having been shown to not have the power to overtake the big name. Unfortunately, the industry as a whole still seems fixated on the “bigger is better!” philosophy, so I feel like a lot of other game developer commentators when it seems I’m just repeating the same thing over and over again. I’ll eventually be vindicated (or disgraced, but not likely), but words on a blog aren’t likely to change the overwhelming majority of opinion.

So, give me some inspiration. Let me know what you’d like to read about. Or, let me know if you have any other suggestions for me.

Have fun

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  1. Well, I’ve sure had fun here, so “More of the same” would be my first suggestion. Maybe a question/answer post? I curious as to what a good design document looks like, for example.
    Maybe a post about some of the design issues of current mmo, like how to get pvp to be fun, or where you stand on people buying mounts and gold with real cash. Maybe we suggest a game or website, and you share your thoughts on it? My wife drug me into Atlantica Online and it’s …. different from the WoW clones.

    Comment by Rik — 6 January, 2009 @ 2:58 AM

  2. As an M59 player in the past, I really enjoy reading your insights and histories of that game. But what I would really love to read is what you would do, assume sufficient funding, with a project to create a sequel/update to Meridian59. What would Meridian60 be like?

    I also really enjoy the discussions of various constants in most MMORPGs, and where they lack – such as having classes, levels, numerous stats, etc. Getting dev opinions of such systems is very insightful to the average gamer like myself.

    Comment by Marthos — 7 January, 2009 @ 11:49 PM

  3. Design Challenges are always interesting to read as it’s a nice way to brainstorm for those with little “brainstormers” around them.

    As for suggestions. Speaking for myself, I always enjoy comparing similar mechanics of different games to see the differences, the cons/pros of each, without caring about deciding which one is better than the other.

    Maybe group analysis? Pick a free game, invite people to check it for a week and discuss a specific aspect of it?

    Other than that, part of the fun is the surprise, not knowing what we will find here, what caught your eye. So last suggestion would be to not listen to our suggestions ;-)

    Comment by Over00 — 9 January, 2009 @ 9:43 AM

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