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25 August, 2008

Party leader looking for more
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I’ve been pretty quiet about stuff I’m working on recently. But, it’s getting to the point where we need to look some talented people to fill out the team.

Read on for a bit of background information and what positions I’m looking for. Even if you’re not interested, referring an interested party can give you precious good Karma with me. ;)

If you read my blog regularly, you can probably figure out what the goals of the company will be. We want to build a series of smaller MMO type game that don’t fit the mold. In other words, we’re not going to be cloning WoW here. Our first game won’t be high fantasy, even, but we may work on one in the future.

The company is currently defining our goals, organizing a pitch, and looking for funding. We’re working with an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur, so we have access to a wide range of possibilities for funding beyond selling our souls to a publisher. Note that currently the company isn’t funded and therefore isn’t paying salaries; coming on gives you a greater influence on the project and other “company founder” type perks. If you are only interested in a paying position, note that when you send in your information.

We’re going to be a small team, so the ability to work fast and well with others is needed. The company work on the project remotely, so relocation is not currently required. But, expect to do regular meetings over IM or voice chat to keep up with the rest of the team. Most of the current people have worked remotely before, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most of us. But, if you’re the type that can’t keep yourself motivated, think carefully about this point.

Note that previous MMO experience is nice, but not strictly required. If you’re highly competent in your field and willing to learn new things, that’s good enough.

The positions we’re looking for:

Tech Lead – Someone to take over the technology, with a focus on server-side. Currently I have a working Stackless Python server prototype. Our focus is to re-use the core technology, so someone who shares this personal goal would be great. This will be a very hands-on position, so expect to get your hands dirty with code while keeping people on task.

If you are an experienced (Stackless) Python developer, but don’t think you’re management material quite yet, feel free to send in your information as well. We may consider someone for this job if we can’t find a qualified Lead.

Sample code, particularly in Python, would be appreciated.

Flash/ActionScript 3 – Someone to work on a Flash-based client. We have a working prototype version that needs a lot of work. You would be the resident expert on AS3, so someone very familiar with Flash is needed. Being able to teach others would be a large bonus.

If you are an expert at another web-based client technology (Shockwave, AJAX, etc), don’t hesitate to contact us as well. If you can work quickly and efficiently to produce a client for our games, we’ll consider you seriously. Flash/AS3 is just something we know a bit more about than anything else at this point, but we are willing to listen to a convincing tech demonstration.

Links to samples of your previous work are appreciated.

Designer – Initial focus will be on writing design documentation, then transitioning into content development. Python scripting is a bonus, as would ActionScript 3 experience. Being able to write effectively is a vital skill.

A sample of a document describing a game system would be appreciated.

Artist – We’re looking for 2D artists willing to work on contract. If you’re interested, send an email and sample images from your portfolio.

For any of these positions, send along your résumé and any appropriate samples mentioned above to Share whatever information you think would be helpful with your email. If you have questions, send them along to the same email address.

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  1. Good luck, Brian!

    In my search for staff, I mostly got the sound of crickets. So, now I’m the lead designer AND the lead programmer! :) But I did find a great part-time coder to help out. You have way more credibility and contacts than me, though, so you’ll do fine.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you are working on.


    Comment by jason — 26 August, 2008 @ 7:20 PM

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