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20 April, 2008

Weekend Design Challenge: LOL
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The acronym “LOL” is rather interesting. While it originally meant “laugh(ing) out loud”, it tends to be used in response to any sort of humorous situation, even if the person in question isn’t actually laughing out loud. Some people even go so far is to say, “loll” when they intend to laugh.

When you really do find something funny, you can surprise yourself when you actually do laugh out loud.

So, this week we’ll look for things that are funny enough that it made you actually laugh out loud.

I recently came across this list of links with the title, “For One Year I Bookmarked Everything On The Internet Which Made Me “LOL”". It’s a list of sites you’ve probably seen over the past year if you. In the worst case scenario, you probably had some of these links forwarded to you by family members new to the internet.

One aspect of game design that tends to be overlooked is humor. Many times designers want to create “epic games”, and sometimes humor is seen as antithetical to this goal. But, a bit of humor can really help in terms of the flow of a story. So, let’s share some things that make us laugh. Bonus points if they’re not on that list linked above.

One thing I found humorous was this video, An Engineer’s Guide to Cats. I found it especially funny since I have a technical background and because I’m a cat person. I actually laughed so hard I was afraid of waking up my better half in the other room when I first watched the video.

So, what has made you LOL?


  1. One word: Techsmith 314. OK, two words. Or one word and a number. Anyway, I quite enjoy Hellgate: London in a fairly mindless mow-down-endless-zombie-armies sort of way, not really paying too much attention to the plot involving Fates or Truths or something, but a pair of NPCs stick in the mind for their bonkers-in-the-nut antics, Lucious Aldin and his hapless sidekick Techsmith 314. The quest text for “That’ll Get Infected” gives a pretty good idea of their high jinks…

    Comment by Zoso — 21 April, 2008 @ 1:21 AM

  2. Frozen Throne’s Garithos character. I have days at work where I just blurt out “I hate working with these people.”

    I think the often-repetitive nature of gameplay means that if you want humor in your games, it can’t be based on punchlines; it has to be memetic.

    Comment by Bret — 22 April, 2008 @ 1:46 PM

  3. Reading this blog since I sent you that Engineer’s Guide to Cat’s link…

    Comment by Ophelea — 22 April, 2008 @ 9:14 PM

  4. You have to follow basketball to understand why this is funny, but it’s convention to get some fives from your teammates in-between free throw attempts as a show of support. But what if your teammates leave you hanging?

    If you don’t watch basketball, the video won’t be funny at all. :)

    Comment by Jason K. — 30 April, 2008 @ 7:30 AM

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