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31 March, 2008

Weekend Design Challenge: Other media

This weekend’s challenge is a bit late because I was at the IMGDC this last weekend. One of the talks I gave was entitled “Learning from Other Media”.

This weekend’s challenge is to share what you have learned from other media.

My talk was about how we can learn from media other than just games and apply the lessons learned to games. Often game developers, especially indies that have “day jobs” that take up a lot of time, get so bogged down that we don’t look at other media. I showed how various media helped me to become a better designer.

So, now it’s your turn. What book really influenced your thinking? Or, what non-entertainment medium, such as architecture, really awakened your curiosity?

The conference was really great. I got to meet a lot of great indie MMO developers in addition to the usual suspects from other conferences. Of course, it’s always great to meet up with people. I was especially lucky to have another wonderful dinner with Richard Bartle, the third one this month! I’m getting spoiled….

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  1. I, while not a developer of the games at this time. Would have to say that a lot of what I feel could be the future of the genre comes from fantasy novels and movies (becoming more popular in Hollywood) are a great inspiration of what I feel we should be looking forward to out of the genre.

    Not as far as pushing the role-playing game (RPG) part of the acronym MMORPG on to the players, but allowing them to feel apart of a living (not persistent) world in which they choose to place their entertainment dollars. When I say persistent, I am talking about the way the games are made today, in that the world does not change from day to day, but will require a patch of the games code in order for changes to surface. Persistent in the fact that unless there is not a reworking of the core game play or the newbie zones, when you do create an alternate character, you most like will have to wade through the same exact content, instead of experiencing a world that has evolved with the actions of the players as a whole, and not on an individual basis, or worse for many, based on the actions of a select few lucky ones whom have become good friends with the developers either in real life or through game (usually beta). I feel that both hardcore, raiders, casual, and guilds all should be taken in to account and their actions when looking to change the world from its creation.

    I do feel that other media can become a greater influence of the genre, and like I said, movies have become a great inspiration of things I would like to also have my players experience. I also feel the game industry is influencing the movie industry, as we are seeing more and more ‘high fantasy’ type movies appear. I know also that the Harry Potter series of books has also be a great inspiration on the movie industry as well with how successful those books have been, just as World of Warcraft I bet has shown that Fantasy is just not a geek obsession or a basement activity.

    Comment by Boon — 5 April, 2008 @ 11:58 PM

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