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13 May, 2007

Weekend Design Challenge: Shaping the future
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I just read a great post over on Charles Stross’ website called “Shaping the Future”. It’s a fascinating take on how increases in data storage could radically change how our ancestors are. A bit long, but a wonderful read.

This inspired me for this week’s design challenge: pick a technology and discuss how it could change games, particularly online games.

Riffing off the issue with data storage, I think the ease of how our lives can be recorded will affect people in a sociological way. I think that some people will be come oversaturated with “reality” and will want an escape.

It’s also interesting the thought about how cell phones connect people instead of just locations. It’s interesting to think about how mobile gaming should be a larger force than it is, but how the technology and plain stubbornness of the mobile phone companies prevents any meaningful advancement in this area. A good lesson, though, that just because something can happen doesn’t mean people will be smart enough to let it happen.

So, what do you think? Bonus points for thinking further ahead and making wild predictions. ;)

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  1. VTrodes!

    Comment by Rich Bryant — 14 May, 2007 @ 4:17 AM

  2. My prediction is that in another few hundred years, it will appear that we interact with technology using magic! This is based on two technologies: 1) gesture recognition 2) motion-controllers e.g. wiimote.

    I think a mix of these two concepts will mean that we will eventually just be able to wave at things to interact with them. Give it time and it’ll become second nature. We’ll be tapping coffee tables in bars and they’ll come alive, then we’ll be gesticulating over them to bring up photos to show friends. (even cooler if someone invents holograms.)

    Going wildly mad from this idea: in several thousand years, we’ll be doing real magic. With nano technologies and artificial intelligences we’ll be able to synthesize things in real time, they’ll grow before our eyes. So with a few gestures and a wave of a hand we’ll be conjuring. Possibly with some super advanced teleporter (the wildest of all) we’ll be clicking our fingers to teleport home. Maybe to stop terrible accidents, there’ll even be a command language that’ll sound completely weird when you speak it… weird and magical.

    Comment by Jpoku — 15 May, 2007 @ 1:06 AM

  3. As social connections become less accessible in urban meatspace more people will adopt the online medium. Eventually as more people learn how to communicate with high fiedelity online the importance of real world distance and culture will shrink and everyone will be able to share their social space with like minded people. Once everyone has access to like minded people the importance of meatspace bragging rights diminishes to where we consume resources at a much slower pace than currently. This will be what enables humanity to enter a new era where our planet becomes a more harmonious place.

    Comment by Wolfe — 15 May, 2007 @ 1:16 AM


    If the film industry is about to go 3-D, like that article suggests, then television will eventually go the same route, and finally video games will as well. If the film industry makes its move in the next 5 years, then perhaps that technology will be available for high-priced monitors within 10 years. Within 15-20 years, perhaps 3-D games will be commonly available.

    The timeline may be wishful thinking, but it will happen eventually. But just as 3-D requires different methods of film-making (not just in tech, but also in style), games will have to adapt to use that technology.

    Comment by Aaron — 16 May, 2007 @ 6:57 PM

  5. I always wondered by touchscreens (atm’s and other devices) haven’t made their way to computer screens… so that we could get somewhat away from keyboard mice for our actions in computer games… maybe a mix of two or three of these to play game… Maybe the monitor screen and a mouse or the screen and the keyboard. Sort of like the Tom Cruse movie “Minority Report”

    Nintendo’s VR and all that hoopla of Virtual Reality that tried to sweep the nation.

    Comment by Boon — 18 May, 2007 @ 7:33 PM

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