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6 April, 2007

A bit of humor: Lord of the Rings in Meridian 59
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I wrote this a long time ago in Meridian 59. It’s a bit of humor in the game that I wrote. It answers the oft-unasked question: What would LotR be like in M59?

Basically, this is supposed to be a chat log copied from M59. It’s made up, but it’s pretty close to what you might see in a day in M59.

One quick note: The assorted characters that come before a chat message is called a “banner”. These are popular in M59, a way to differentiate your chat from that of other people. It’s also a way to visually separate out guild chat from global chat, for example. People often put something witty there that’s personally identifiable. So, in the first line, the “o=/=Sting!=>” is Bilbo’s “banner”. (This was a humorous poke at a guild at the time that used the word “shing!” in many of their banners.)

It was also popular to use extended characters and try to be 1337. So, Sauron’s banner, “>†< |3ÂÐ Â$$ |v||= >†< " is "BAD ASS MF" in between two decorations. (Yeah, a Pulp Fiction reference, too.)

Bilbo sends, “o=/=Sting!=> Hey, Frodo, it’s my birthday! Come over to my room in Marion to celebrate.”
You send, “< !>Da Hobbitz< !> Sure. Sam, Merry, Pippin, meet me there.”
Samwise sends, “:>: Î \/\/Åц à þÒÑÝ :<: Sure thing, Mr. Frodo."
Meriadoc sends, "()() ½ the Size, All the Trouble™ ()() Already there."
Peregrin sends, "[‡] (Ì) (M) (À) (TøøK)! [‡] Same here."
The world shimmers and secret paths are revealed, leading to Cor Noth, The Streets of Tos, East Jasper, and Marion.
You say, "Marion"
The world folds in on itself.
You open the door and walk through.
As you slide the key into the lock, a strange white glow envelops you, and you find yourself somewhere else.
Gandalf says, "Hail, Frodo!"
You say, "Gandalf, long time no see! So, you rerolled as a pure mage this time?"
Gandalf says, "Oh, no. I found this bitchin' mystic that hits orcs hard, so I took a bit of WC."
You say, "Cool. Riija definitely roxx0rs!"
Sauron broadcasts, ">†< |3ÂÐ Â$$ |v||= >†< WTF happened to my inviso ring?!?"
You have a trade offer from Gandalf.
You tell Gandalf, "What's this inviso ring for?"
Gandalf tells you, "Bilbo just gave it to me. He said he "found" it."
You tell Gandalf, "Has that ass been stealing loot again?"
Gandalf tells you, "Prolly. Go get rid of it."
You tell Bilbo, "Gandalf wants me to ditch this inviso ring."
Bilbo tells you, "NO! It has like nearly infinite charged. Give it back if you're gonna to ditch it!"
You tell Bilbo, "Oh. I'm gonna go vault it in Barloque, then."
You say, "Laters, all. Gonna go hunt."
Sam tells you, "Okay. Meet up later?
You tell Sam, "Yeah."
The world shimmers and secret paths are revealed, leading to Cor Noth, Marion, The Streets of Tos, South Barloque, and East Jasper.
You say, "south barloque"
The world folds in on itself.
You open the door and walk through.
You open the door and walk through.
You open the door and walk through.
Obert Cair'bre tells you, "That will cost 5 shillings. Thank you for trusting me to quartermaster your gear."
You tell Samwise, "Okay, I'm done. Let's go to the island?"
Samwise tells you, "Okay, meet me in Icky. Gandalf might know the way to get through that wall."
You tell Samwise, "Ask Gimli. Doesn't his RL brother hang around down there?"
Samwise tells you, "Naw, his brother's n00b ass gets killed by the orcs all the time."
You tell Samwise, "Okay, ask Gandalf then."
You open the door and walk through.
You open the door and walk through.
You open the door and walk through.
You open the door and walk through.
Boromir says, "sup, frodo?"
You say, "Heya, Boromir."
Boromir says, "wanna go hunting w me?"
You say, "Sure. I'm going to Icky."
Boromir says, "u got inviso ring?"
You say, "Yeah. No, you can't have it."
Boromir says, "y not?"
You say, "Because I said so. You wanna go hunting or not?"
The world is washed away in a flood of pure light.
Boromir slashes you with his scimitar.
You dodge Boromir's attack.
Boromir slashes you with his scimitar.
Boromir cuts you with his scimitar.
Boromir slashes you with his scimitar.
Boromir cleaves you with his scimitar.
You are dead, poor soul. Go now, and take revenge on Boromir!
### Frodo has been murdered in cold blood.
Samwise sends, ":>: Î \/\/Åц à þÒÑÝ :<: Who was it?."
Gandalf tells you, "Who did it?"
Galadriel broadcasts, "<}- Elven BITCH Queen <}- Seance says Boromir, MG of Barloque."
Peregrin sends, "[‡] (Ì) (M) (À) (TøøK)! [‡] WTF?"
Meriadoc broadcasts, "()() ½ the Size, All the Trouble™ ()() Location of Boromir."
Peregrin broadcasts, "[‡] They call me Pippin! [‡] OMW."
Boromir tells you, "wtf? did u vault the invisio ring?"
You tell Boromir, "Yeah, I did, punk."
Boromir tells you, "lol, thx 4 the chain neway"
Peregrin broadcasts, "[‡] They call me Pippin! [‡] Boromir at BO!"
Meriadoc broadcasts, "()() ½ the Size, All the Trouble™ ()() Boromir logged at MG of Tos."

One interesting note is that I posted this on a semi-hidden globe in M59. One door in the main town of the game won’t open if you’re standing right near it, but you can open it if you stand a little ways away from the door. So, this is a room that only experienced players or explorer-types are likely to find.

Thought some people might get a chuckle out of it. :)

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  1. Lol :)

    Comment by Daniel S. — 14 April, 2007 @ 9:40 AM

  2. That’s hilarious!

    I beta tested LoTRO recently, so this was a particularly fun read.

    BTW, I just got around to reading your bio, Psycho. I had no idea you worked for I had a Palace server there and for the times, I had a blast!

    Comment by Kaylena — 3 May, 2007 @ 7:26 PM

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