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4 March, 2007

Weekend Design Challenge: Airplane games
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Given that it’s GDC travel season, here’s a challenge that will probably strike a chord with most people.

Your challenge: Create a game that can be played on an airplane during takeoff or landing.

Some constraints to consider after the break.

The constraints, in no particular order:

  • Remember: no electronics during takeoff or landing.

  • The game must last long enough that it can be played during take off or landing.

  • The game should also allow for the game to end early if the plane gets in early.

  • The game must allow the participant(s) to remain seated with seatbelts on and tray tables stowed.

  • The game cannot disturb other passengers. (Practical restriction: no yelling.)

  • The game should be able to be played with between one and three players.

  • A minimum of equipment or effects should be required.

  • Try to be original. We want innovation, damn it! ;)

There ya go! Let’s see what you creative people come up with. I’ll post something later this week.

Have fun!

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  1. “Smuggle the Bomb” while unpopular, would get lots of free press.

    Comment by Rich Bryant — 5 March, 2007 @ 3:21 AM

  2. Nobody? I’m a bit disappointed. This was a good practical challenge. If someone could come up with something for this it could be a good start for a business….

    Comment by Psychochild — 11 March, 2007 @ 7:29 AM

  3. I haven’t come up with a full game yet, but the obvious equipment to use is a player’s hands. An interesting mechanic would be to have one hand in the open with public information, then the other hand hidden (under a blanket?) with private information. Numbers 1-5 are easy, but you could also come up with some interesting alternative gestures.

    If both hands are occupied for all players, using paper to record data is not a good idea. How much memory should you rely for tracking game information? I tend to have a terrible short-term memory, so that might not be any good.

    Some of my thoughts about this challenge.

    Comment by Psychochild — 16 March, 2007 @ 9:30 PM

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