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26 November, 2006

Thanksgiving meal
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Matt Mihaly has started posting about food on his blog, and recently posted his Thanksgiving menu. To show that we computer geeks don’t always live off of Cheetoes and Mountain Dew, I figured I’d share what I had yesterday for our belated Thanksgiving meal.

(Kat works at a movie theater, and had to work Thanksgiving evening, so no big meal to make her too sleepy was enjoyed that day. She had yesterday evening off, though.)

Now, keep in mind I’m not a hard-core foodie like Matt is. I’m also originally Midwestern, so I enjoy heavy foods. I also have a bit more limited budget, but we didn’t skimp for the meal this year.

  • Spinach-stuffed mushrooms for snacks before the meal. A specialty of my better half.
  • Goat cheese and herb Pâté with crackers for appetizer. Very rich Pâté from the butcher shop down the street.
  • Roast goose with apple and bread stuffing. Decided against the turkey this year. Goose is very yummy, if fatty.
  • Spinach salad with avocado and grape tomatoes. Taking our lives into our own hands eating raw spinach! There was a 2-for-1 sale on spinach when we were buying it for the stuffed mushrooms.
  • Yellow potatoes boiled with some goose fat. No butter needed once you add the goose fat.
  • Steamed green beans with prosciutto. Usually cooked with bacon, but some thinly sliced ham added the necessary touch without even more fat.
  • Cinnamon swirl cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Okay, I admit, this was a box mix. But, it was really good!

We had a friend over, but the goose was still very large. We ate the legs and still have most of the rest of the bird left. I expect to get used to goose sandwiches for the next several days. :)

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  1. Good stuff. We had two meals, one with family and then another on Friday with fiends. Very midwestern. Two birds, stuffing, potatoes, green bean caserole, biscuits, gravy, cranberry bread, strawberry delight (jello), three pies, cookie bars, and drinks to match.

    I was sick for the week prior, so two huge meals put the fat back in the middle for me. ;P

    Comment by Grimwell — 26 November, 2006 @ 7:53 AM

  2. Ahh, nice one on the goose fat. It’s hard to argue with goose fat fried potatoes. Just a note though: Proscuitto is not low-fat!

    Comment by Matt Mihaly — 27 November, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

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