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18 November, 2006

Another danger of being a game developer
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Yet another danger of being a game designer: spam emails. The worst are the spam emails with random words. Sometimes they arrive in combinations most people would discard. Yet, when I saw an email with the subject “ethical boredom”, I had to double-check the sender. That totally sounds like the title of a post that could be made on Terra Nova, doesn’t it?

Or, maybe Raph’s blog. ;) Seriously, sounds like an obscure design topic to talk about on one of those sites.


  1. The nice thing about Gmail is that it displays part of the body of the text on the top display, if you let it. I can usually determine if it’s a spam email based on that alone, if need be.

    Of course, it means you’d have to switch to Gmail. =P

    Comment by Michael Chui — 18 November, 2006 @ 3:04 AM

  2. I get over 300 emails a day, 85% of which (rough) are spam, and my filters catch about 90% of the spam — the rest.. yeah just like you said. Sometimes you see a subject that looks real and have to peek — other times the users name looks so damn familiar.

    What I really hate is when people send email using the names they’ve identified from my own mail domain. I’ll get mail from me, or my admin, etc. — not very often, but it does happen. You can’t flag those as spam or they take the legitimate ones out with them. Spam continues to evolve. I’m still a proponent of taking the spammers into the streets and shooting them point blank. At least one or two to send a message… ;p

    Comment by Grimwell — 18 November, 2006 @ 7:08 AM

  3. I use Pegasus Mail, which now has its own – and VERY good – Baesian (sp) spam scanner, as well as the strong rules-based filtering it’s had for years.

    Comment by Andrew Crystall — 20 November, 2006 @ 5:35 AM

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