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4 August, 2019

The plan!
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So, usually for Blaugust it’s good to have a plan of attack. Writing a blog post every day when you only post once every.. *looks back at history*… Well, let’s just say it’s not an easy thing even at the best of times.

So, read on for my thoughts about what I’ll post on this month for Blaugust!

The overall topic is about roleplaying in MMOs. To that end, I’ll post about RP from different perspectives. This week, I’ll write about my experiences with RP and some history.

Next week, RP from a player’s perspective. The week after that I’ll write about the developer’s perspective. For the final week of Blaugust, I’ll write a bit about various ideas inspired by the rest of the month.

A little bit about my experiences to start the week off:

My first exposure to RP was through tabletop RPGs, mostly D&D, although I played other games. I played a bit of 1st edition AD&D in high school, then 2nd edition in university. The groups were pretty heavy on min/maxing, so I didn’t get into the character aspect of it until later. Playing Vampire the Masquerade was another big game, but again my group in university was min/maxers so it was mostly in the idiom of “superheroes with fangs”. I remember trying to do more interesting characters, but them not always doing so great in combat-heavy games.

Online, I dabbled mostly in online tabletop games. I did try to do some role-playing in Meridian 59, but I found few people really willing to participate. Of course, it was hard to run a character and the community while programming and designing for it! The community was much more interested in PvP battles and talking trash about mothers in global chat than RPing in M59′s admittedly thin setting.

Now I do RP in Final Fantasy XIV as I posted before. I’ve met some cool friends along the way, and will likely keep playing for a while. Great way to keep my interest in the game when running yet another dungeon won’t!

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  1. Ah yes, roleplaying in MMOs. I have done that, and it’s quite fun! Started with Asheron’s Call 2 and found a guild that catered for roleplaying. We managed to get some of the hard core PvP’ers involved as well.

    When playing D&D (sporadically now) I still find it hard to get the entire group to participate. So we end up with a roleplaying light. Where people describe the actions of their characters in first person, but not (always) in character; e.g. with another voice. BUt still, it’s better than just min-maxing (which is sometimes fun as well).

    Comment by Batavier — 6 August, 2019 @ 2:26 AM

  2. Thanks for the comment! D&D does tend to become sporadic for us adults with lives. Even virtual tabletop is hard to arrange, and some weeks my static in DDO has a hard time finding a time that works for everyone.

    And there are a ton of different definitions of “roleplaying”. Most people get a bit self-conscious about doing voices for characters in my experience, so it’s interesting to see you thinking that’s an important part of RP!

    Comment by Psychochild — 7 August, 2019 @ 8:36 PM

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