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26 August, 2018

A week of personal posts
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This week I want to delve into a bit of personal thought. I’ve been quiet, and there have been reasons for that, stuff not usually talked about. But perhaps it’s good to get some therapy and thought out in the open, if I can find the courage to do so.

A few thoughts for now to prime the pump.

The world always changes. Even to an individual, the world is a different place as we age. From children to teenagers, then adults, middle-aged, and finally elderly if we survive long enough, the same thing can change. Take night time and sleep: children hate bedtimes, teenagers avoid them, adults finally understand sleep, the middle-aged are denied it, and the elderly want it less as they want to experience life before the clock runs out. Now take something that changes like technology or even your hometown and realize that the only constant is change.

And some changes are needed. People being given a voice where it has traditionally been denied is a great thing! More openness and transparency in places that were hidden before. Power shifted more fairly between people.

But in addition to change, another seeming constant is the selfishness of people. Even those who advocate for improvement often do so only because it benefits them and don’t consider how it affects others. From those who are eager to gain power they didn’t have before, or those eager to retain power they’ve long held, it’s rare to find someone willing to advocate for something that doesn’t benefit them, or benefit someone they know at the very least.

Finally, this seems to be a time where depression and anxiety rule all. It’s been common for the elders to blame whatever newfangled thing comes down the pipe: rock ‘n’ roll music, television, the internet, whatever. But the world around is us changing, and sometimes stubbornness means we don’t seen that change even if it’s in our face. Too often we seek simple solution to complex problems.

Anyway, let’s see how this coming week goes.

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