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25 August, 2018

Questions about Storybricks?
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So, for tonight’s post I wanted to open things up a bit. Ask me questions about Storybricks. Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like, and all that.

I’ll share a few things below that I think might be interesting.

On this blog, I have a category for Storybricks posts on this blog. Go through a little history back when it was life.

For those that missed it, you can see the final version of the Storybricks Kickstarter campaign. We changed it a lot over the life of the project, and obviously some of the links aren’t going work anymore all these years later.

A little blast from the past, one of my DDO static group members was cleaning out email and linked to this old Storybricks newsletter that announced our partnerships with SOE/EQN.

Bart “Flatfingers” Stewart did this tweet showing how Storybrick affected other in his family.

Finally, a little bit of thought about what I took away from Storybricks: The goal of Storybricks was to bring new types of experiences to games. The talk of tools and doing great things wasn’t intended to replace designers or engineers, but to give tools to create new things to do. A comment previously said that Storybricks was trying to solve a problem nobody thought existsed, but this is what all great inventions do: horse riders didn’t see the need for mechanical vehicles. In the 1980s few people saw the need for a global communication network. Mobile phones were seen as an inconvenience when they came out and were more affordable.

We need more things like Storybricks offering new ways to do things. But it’s hard when you have companies who see success from doing what’s been done before, investors who are uninterested in investing in tools or games, and a public who seems apathetic about new things. I think there’s a lot of possibility in the online medium, but we’re only doing a small fraction of what’s possible.

Now, what would you like to know? Ask below!

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  1. Developer tools are always a difficult sell. I’ve worked on tools for telephony speech app creation for past 20 years now and there is always push back on cost/benefit, not doing everything the customer wants, not integrating fully with their environment (especially their particular flavor of source control), fear of committing something critical to a third party, and the general “not invented here,” “we could make this ourselves,” “I’d rather work in Notepad” sentiments that seem to pervade any development group in some for or another.

    And if you don’t have a convincing sample or a success story ready to go, then the whole thing is about 10x harder.

    Inevitably we have ended up going into the professional services business and IVR hosting with the tools we’ve built because the tools business is so hard. Only then, when you’re now competing with your potential customers, will people buy in. Or so it seems.

    I’m surprised that Simutronics got as far as they did with HeroEngine, given that they went the other route and gave up on Hero’s Journey and decided to just sell the tools/platform they developed for their MMO.

    Comment by Wilhelm Arcturus — 26 August, 2018 @ 9:35 AM

  2. I didn’t answer this question before, but here it is now:

    JasonM asked:
    One question after all of these fantastic blog entries is what happened to the StoryBricks code and are there plans to do anything with it in the future? For example, sell part of it as a Unity3D plugin… maybe you just get smarter combat a.i. without the dynamic storytellung, or maybe you just get a part foraking towns npcs more lively, etc.

    Same place most code like this lives: in limbo. As I understand it, SOE owns the work done for EQN, but gave Storybricks a license to do with it as we wished. SOE still exists as Daybreak, but Storybricks does not. So any of that code is lost unless Daybreak decides to free it up.

    As for the prior stuff, it exists but is in limbo. The best I could imagine for it would be if a programmer were to throw up a code repository up on github or something similar for others to use. But not much was developed on the technology beyond the Kickstarter demo. Not sure it’d be really all that useful, sadly. And it’s some years old by now.

    Comment by Psychochild — 26 August, 2018 @ 10:00 PM

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