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1 August, 2018

It’s Blaugust
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Okay, so… it’s Blaugust. And I’ve neglected this poor site quite severely. So, here’s an excuse for a flurry of posts for the month!

Let’s catch up a bit, shall we? It’s been… let’s ignore that stat for now, shall we?

What have I been up to?

Well, I’ve been playing a lot of games, of course!

FFXIV has been an interest, but waning lately. The recent release of Eureka was, to put it politely, a disappointment. Grinding for the sake of grinding is not something I really relish, so this really didn’t appeal to me. A lot of development resources obviously went into this and some friends who played FFXI, the prior MMO in the Final Fantasy series, were happy. But it left me cold and caused me to ignore the game for a bit. During this time I dipped a toe into the RP community, something I’ll post about later.

Warframe is a game I picked up to try out. It has an interesting free-to-play game with a pretty generous business model. You can trade the microcurrency, which makes the game interesting, allowing players to earn it by trading stuff to other players. I’ll write a bit about that later. If you’re curious about the game you can sign up for the game here and give me recruiting benefits. I’m -Psychochild- on there (hyphens are part of the username) on the PC version.

Blade and Soul is another game I’ve been playing lately. A friend of mine played long ago, and a streamer friend of mine ( decided to stream that on Wednesdays. Come watch me derp around on a little edgelord Warlock!

Finally, I’ve been doing board gaming. In particular I’ve been playing Gloomhaven about once a week. It’s a fun board game with some RPG elements that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I might post more about this later this month.

Why haven’t I been posting?

This is a pretty deep question, but figured I would kind of address this here. Expect more discussion later this month.

The first problem is the common game industry veteran lament: Is anyone even listening? At some point you kind of repeat yourself, and the same problems keep happening. So, it takes a bit of motivation out of posting.

Further, MMOs are out of favor. The flavor of the month keeps changing. VR/AR is the new hotness now and getting the attention and investment. Kickstarter MMO projects have failed to produce much. Indie games are still not quite revived things; MMOs seem to be taking a long time to develop, even if we’ve gotten “better” at making them and the tools have gotten better.

And there’s a bit of a personal element: depression. Not an uncommon thing, but there are a lot of elements fueling these feelings, particularly dysfunctional things in the game industry. Expect some posts on this as well.

Here’s to a new Blagust!

Well, this is as good an excuse as any to do more blogging. Let’s see what the month holds, shall we?


  1. I am listening, but ironically I have the same problem with my blog. Writing blog post after blog post with few or no incoming comments tends to sap my desire to blog some more. Somehow it’s sad that I let this get to me, but I guess I can’t help myself.

    One rule I’ve followed for a while now is only to blog when I have something to say and not because I have a made up blogging schedule to keep.

    Comment by Chordian — 2 August, 2018 @ 1:39 AM

  2. “Is anyone listening”? Yes, that is a pertinent question. I look at my website traffic stats and some posts get a respectable amount of traffic. Judging by the time people spend on the page, it certainly seems that they’re reading the entire post. But despite all this very few “readers” decided to leave a comment.

    I get quite a lot of feedback about posts via Twitter. It’s nice but I would prefer such comments to be left under the article. If someone has already left their thoughts, I always feel in then encourages others to do so.

    But such is life.

    Comment by Roger Edwards — 2 August, 2018 @ 2:19 AM

  3. Ahhh, but after hearing that you were going to do Blaugust, I was interested in seeing what you had to write here. :)

    I’m also curious about what you think about Gloomhaven. One of my friends got the game, and man, talk about unboxing. I didn’t see or look at the rules, but it does look visually very neat. Maybe a bit complex?

    Comment by Syn — 2 August, 2018 @ 4:01 AM

  4. Yeah man, Eureka was a wet blanket for myself and a lot of MMO vets. It’s all the parts of that old school grind that weren’t fun.
    Which platform are you on? I’ve been playing Warframe off and on for years. They’re one of the best examples I have for what a good FtP model looks like.

    Comment by SDWeasel — 2 August, 2018 @ 5:29 AM

  5. Hope things get better for you. Me and my cats, inc. the blonde, are fine. Blogging is dying, even much more so than MMOs. Some people I know picked up Warframe but I don’t find it interesting. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada I and the upcoming II and Assassin’s Creed: Origins and the upcoming Odyssey are very much to my liking though.

    If gaming is boring, SciFi books (Kindle Unlimited is wonderful for that in Germany) and TV series keep me entertained. MMOs are in a sad state, WoW is still going strong. I dislike the upcoming expansion Battle for Azeroth though, was in the Beta and found it awful. Even loved the reviled Warlords of Draenor more, and Legion was really cool. Interestingly, chat and community, always complained about for decades already, have come to a point where you BYOB – bring your own buddies. I talked nicely with a lot of people, but didn’t connect outside the game anymore as I did in the early MMOs. Made it way easier to quit. Once more, didn’t play WoW from WotLK till end of Warlords of Draenor, after all.

    Regarding the state of the games industry, can only shake my head about this Twitter bull by this one ArenaNet feminist employee and the reaction to it wasn’t much better, Peter Fries defended her and apparently got fired for that. Camelot Unchained and Star Citizen also deserve a comment, but I won’t bitch here that much. Battle Royale games are even more boring than MOBAs for me and the VR/AR breakthrough doesn’t seem to come in 2018 either.

    Comment by Longasc — 2 August, 2018 @ 11:03 AM

  6. Funny enough, I’ve rarely had problems getting comments. Even after months of inactivity I come back and see 5 comments on here, a few from first-time commenters even.

    It’s more just a lack of change in the industry. For all I love about FF14, the design philosophy of “do what WoW did” seems to have won; it turned around a failing game and made it pretty popular.

    SDWeasel wrote:
    Which platform are you on?

    I’m on PC. Don’t own any current generation consoles. I’ll edit my post while grumbling about lack of cross-platform support. One nice thing about FF14 is that PS4 players and PC players can play together, at least.

    And, as usual Longasc wrote a lot in a small amount of space. I hope you’ll comment on some of my later posts this month!

    Comment by Psychochild — 2 August, 2018 @ 3:09 PM

  7. Good questions: who’s reading? Why post? I, for one, always liked your blogs and I must say that I have missed them. Then why did your first Blaugust blog sit unread in my inbox for a while? Because I saved it for later. Not having read it, I was surprised by the flurry of mails following the first one.

    I really like your blogs and your view on the gaming world. That’s why I read it. And yes, MMOs aren’t at the forefront of gaming at the moment, but you never know…

    I certainly like reading your blogs, so I do hope you keep writing them!

    Comment by Batavier — 6 August, 2018 @ 12:47 AM

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