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1 April, 2018

New project: Final Fanfic Fourteen!
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I know I’ve been quiet lately. Plotting a new get rich quick sh… I mean, project. Following a proud tradition of fanfic writers for major MMOs, I’ve decided to write more fanfic!

This combines my love of a game, my love of writing, and my laziness in not wanting to do worldbuilding. My first set of stories will be about forbidden romance between a giant and a short race as pirates on the high seas smuggling winged kittens. I already a book cover picked out!

Please look forward to it!

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  1. Dooooo ittttt! :D

    Comment by Aywren — 1 April, 2018 @ 6:27 PM

  2. You can mock but… 50 Shades. Also I’m currently reading “Meddling Kids” by Edgar Cantero, a louche, amateurish fanfic mash-up of Scooby Doo and The Famous Five that made the New York Times Bestseller list (according to a cover splash) and currently has a prime center table spot in the SF/Horror section of the bookstore where I work. It’s not even well-written although it is undeniably fun. Apparently there’s a market for this kind of thing.

    Comment by Bhagpuss — 2 April, 2018 @ 1:14 AM

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