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1 November, 2017

Another trip around the sun survived!
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Today’s my birthday, and I’ll celebrate with a blog post!

I’ve been quiet lately. Part of it is just general negativity the last few years about many things. Some of it is disappointment in MMOs in general. Some of it is not really feeling like I have much to say that people are interested in.

But, let me go over a little bit of what’s happening in my life for those of you still reading.


I’m currently playing FFXIV as my MMO of choice right now. The new expansion, Stormblood, has been pretty fun as a whole. The story isn’t quite as good as it was in Heavensward (the part with Ysale and Hraesvelgr is just amazing), but it was solid enough. FFXIV lets you play every class on one character and I’m on track to get all the classes to max level again. I’ve already maximized my crafting classes and over half the combat classes.

I recently dipped a toe into the RP community. I followed a friend to an unofficial RP server and have been playing there a bit. RP communities (particularly in WoW) were a bit inspiration for us for Storybricks, so it’s been fun to look at an RP community up close and personal. Maybe I’ll be motivated to make a post on some observations from that.

I still play DDO with my static groups. I don’t play solo characters much anymore, all that time is poured into FFXIV now. It’s still a tremendously fun game in static groups, although it’s obvious the game is on the decline. Events don’t draw as large of a player crowd anymore, and you just don’t see as many people around anymore. But a new Ravenloft expansion was announced which may drives some interest back to the game!

Otherwise MMOs have been… disappointing. After a lot of talk and bluster, the recent MMOs in development seem to be dragging through development. For all the talk about light design and smart component use making for fast development, it seems the current crop of developers are falling into their same old habits. I fear we’ll see games that can’t live up to even their modest expectations given the time and resources being poured into them. It’s sad that the most interesting MMO in the last few years has been yet another DIKU style clone.

Other games

I’m still playing other games. Board games are still a favorite of mine. I’ve been doing board gaming on occasion with a local group which has been a lot of fun. Some of my recent favorites have been Tokaido. It’s a fun board game with a fun movement mechanic that doesn’t rely on randomness; the person furthest behind always moves, and that’s sometimes the same person multiple times in a row. The setting is also interesting, traveling on a pilgrimage in ancient Japan, and the art is amazing.

I recently went to WashingCon, a big board gaming convention. There I played a fun game called Between Two Citeis. This had a neat mechanic where you had to cooperatively build two cities with the players on either side of you and your lowest scoring city was your final score. Lots of interesting strategy!

My mobile game intake has slowed down considerably. After playing a bunch of grinding games, I got bored of the sameness of the games and never felt compelled to spend my entertainment budget on them. And a few games have simply shut down meaning I can’t play them anymore. Most of the excitement has been going to VR and AR games lately, although the luster on VR seems to be fading fast.

Finally, I’ve been in a 5th edition D&D campaign for a while now. I’m playing a Tiefling Sorcerer with a Draconic Bloodline… Demonic features and gold scaly skin make for an interesting visual. The game has been a lot of fun with a new DM and a collaboratively built world. We use a virtual tabletop system which is a lot of fun.

My work

I’ve been quiet about my work. Unfortunately, The Humanity Hypothesis has been shelved as my dev partner Dave “Over00″ Toulous has had to deal with some personal issues. I’d still like to pick the game back up and release it in the future, but we’ve obviously lost a lot of momentum on the marketing and development side of things.

I am working on another project, but it’s something not quite ready for prime time. I’ll hit that it’s related to tabletop RPGs more than MMOs. It’s something I’m very excited about. When it’s ready, I’ll talk about it on here and on all social media I can.

But, I’ve been growing and learning. I’ve gotten back into Javascript programming after several years. I’m avoiding most of the framework craziness as I can and sticking to some basics using Meteor and Pixi. I’ve also been doing some fun design work, beating ideas into shape using my design experience.

Keep an eye on here soon!

Don’t call it a comeback!

Writing this has felt good. Maybe I should blog more often. Got a topic you want me to write more about? Post it in the comments. Some inspiration might be just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Have you played Space Station 13? (Google says it haven’t been mentioned on this blog)

    Comment by Kinrany — 1 November, 2017 @ 3:31 PM

  2. Happy Birthday!

    What “serious” topics of the day would you even want to grapple with? Lockboxes? The trajectory of VR in gaming? The current state of Steam for the indie dev? Is there anything new under the sun?

    Comment by Wilhelm Arcturus — 1 November, 2017 @ 3:44 PM

  3. Happy birthday!

    Good to see you are alive and well!

    Comment by unwesen — 1 November, 2017 @ 3:45 PM

  4. Damn, I totally biffed responding here.

    Kinrany wrote:
    Have you played Space Station 13?

    I did a few years ago. I’m sure it’s crazier now. It was a fun game but not quite an MMO, IMNSHO. But pretty fun.

    Wilhelm Arcturus wrote:
    What “serious” topics of the day would you even want to grapple with? [...] Is there anything new under the sun?

    Yeah, I guess there’s a general malaise about MMOs in particular, although gaming in general just seems to be drifting along. As for VR… I don’t see it being a big thing. We’ll see if AR even makes a splash at all, I guess.

    Comment by Psychochild — 31 December, 2017 @ 2:46 PM

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