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1 August, 2016

Wait… what month is it again? It’s BLAUGUST!
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So, it’s that time of year again, where I post a lot more often. Some people call it “the next sign of the apocalypse”, but most people just call it “Blaugust”. Especially since the world didn’t end when I posted every day last year for an entire month.

So, let’s gear up and get ready to go hard core and post… wait a minute, I’m getting a message….

Blaugust 2016 Super Relaxed Edition

Well, okay then. No need to shotgun the Red Bull, I guess.

But I am writing, right?

Yeah, I’m going to write. I like blogs and blogging, and I’m one of the “old guard”, at least when it comes to MMO developers, so I pretty much gotta, right?

I set up a schedule earlier this year about when I wanted to post: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. My plan is to stick with this through the month. Hopefully a bit better than I have the last few weeks. (Although, to be fair, lots of hauling of boxes and furniture was involved to interrupt my usual schedule.)

So, this is a good opportunity for me to buckle down and still get some posts done on a schedule. Even if I don’t have to mainline NoDoz to get few more hours in my day.


I appreciate what Belghast has done with this month. If you read his earlier post announcing Blaugust, he mentioned that the goal was to encourage people to follow a schedule, not to sacrifice their sanity in posting more frequently than they feel comfortable. It’s good game design to evaluate your work and see if it meets your goals, and adjust if it doesn’t.

I’ll admit, there’s a little part of me that is disappointed I don’t have the strong extrinsic motivation to post every day. But, there’s a larger part of me who has a bunch of things to do that don’t involve typing lines into a web page and hitting the “Publish” button. Not that I don’t love writing for you guys. :) But, I have some exciting things in the pipeline demanding my time. I’ll speak more about those in the near future, depending on how much I can talk about. But, trust me, very exciting.

But, I think the message of consistency is a good one. I’ll admit, I haven’t always been the most consistent. I tend to write on here when I feel inspired, and sometimes inspiration is fleeting when I have my mind on other things. But, taking some time out to share my thoughts with the people who appreciate me is important, even if I get swamped into other things.

Audience participation!

So, here’s two things I wouldn’t mind hearing from you: First, any particular topics you’d like me to cover? Second, if you own a blog, any ideas about topics we could post about and link to each other?

I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully you look forward to reading what I write!

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  1. I can certainly relate to the difficulty in finding motivation to post everyday. Although there are a near-infinite amount of tangential MMO topics, it can be tough to write about something that’s legitimately new and exciting. I signed up for every weekday instead of everyday because I know I can reach that goal. And I think achieving that goal is more important than the size of the goal.

    I would love to collaborate on a topic if you’re interested. I think something interesting from a game design perspective is creating a solid cooperative system without alienating solo players. It’s something that has been apparently difficult for MMO developers to nail down, but I think all of the pieces are available to make it work. Maybe it’s just me, but it would also be amusing/poetic to cooperate on a topic about cooperation.

    Comment by MMOBro — 1 August, 2016 @ 7:57 PM

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