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25 June, 2016

Busy for a bit
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A confluence of things is keeping me extra busy lately. So, here’s a catch-up post with what’s going on in my life, and why posting might be slow or abbreviated for a bit.


So, the landlords of the place I’m renting are moving out of the state and want to sell the place. The lease is up this month so… yeah, forced to move. I’m currently surrounded by boxes full of stuff. Tomorrow I’ll be loading the boxes into a storage container to be shipped to where we’re moving.

I have a lot of stuff, though. I’m an adult, I play all sorts of games, and I’m a bit of a packrat. I still have my original NES and physical cartridges. I have roughly 16 cubic feet of RPG books (16 one foot cube boxes). I have a box full of old M59 stuff I want to keep. I’m hoping it all fits in the container we’ve gotten.

Anyway, that’s going to delay my posting on here as we find a new place and do the whole “get the internet connected” thing. Well, kinda. Because there’s a twist: I don’t know where I’m moving. This is because of the next topic.


I’m looking at three different immediate opportunities.

One is a Technical Designer at a company in San Francisco. I flew out and interviewed with them, and I like the people. The project seems really exciting. And, it would suit my talents very well, allowing me to tap into my design ability and my strong technical background. But, they’re moving slow because, according to the official word, they’re in the middle of financial planning; bureaucracy is holding up my offer from them, which is the large company experience at its best. But, the chance to move back to California is very tempting.

Another is a Producer for a small company that wants to do a VR project. I know the company owner from years back, and the project sounds exciting. It would be a good opportunity for me to stretch my capabilities beyond what I’ve done the last several years, taking on more of the production and planning side. It would still have some coding responsibilities, so I wouldn’t become totally detached from development. What’s the delay? They’re seeking funding from one of the major VR manufacturers. But, the negotiations are going slowly. So slow that the project is no longer going to be able to make its initial date. Extra exciting for the person who will potentially be responsible for that schedule.

The last opportunity is working on a game with a friend of mine. He’s got an idea for a good game, and he would love my design and writing ability to finish it faster than he could do alone. The downside is that the pay would be miserably low, but survivable. He could land some funding from another developer he knows, and my significant other could keep her current day job. We’d move into a much smaller place to save money in the mean time. The delay here is my own. As much as I would love to do this project, it’s a risky proposition. If something goes wrong, I could find myself in some serious financial trouble. But, I carried a lot of credit card debt when I was working on Meridian 59, so I’m not exactly a stranger to this situation.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’m in limbo for a bit. I’m going to be moving to an “extended stay” hotel for a week or so, which accumulates debt faster than rent does. I will make a decision within 2 weeks from now, one way or another.

I also have another, longer-term opportunity I’m keeping an eye on. Another friend approached me with a business idea. He’s not in a position to leap on it quite yet, but perhaps in a year we’ll be able to start working on that. It’s other exciting work that I’ll really enjoy.


In the mean time, I’m still gaming. I’ve slowly been switching to more mobile games. Some of the games have gotten a lot more sophisticated. I’ve been playing Star Wars: Uprising on my iPad. It’s surprisingly good! It has a good MMO feeling with action RPG (Diablo-like) combat. It has a lot of different ways to advance. I’ll likely write up a review of it when I get the chance, but let me say it’s recommended.

I’ve also been playing Clash Royale. Another surprisingly good game. I played Clash of Clans for a while, but eventually grew tired of it. I hit an equilibrium where attacking felt like a chore, but I was attacked so much I had trouble really accumulating resources to upgrade my base. So, I was hesitant to get into Clash Royale, but I was pleasantly surprised by the game. Some good tactical and strategic depth without being too complicated. Although, it is 100% PvP with level-based advancement, so it can wear on the nerves a bit when you get paired against someone who obviously had more time or money to upgrade cards better than you.

The other mobile game that’s been taking some time lately: Neko Atsume The game has very low interactivity, but the cats are adorable. I got my significant other playing it, so we compare which cats we’ve seen.

I still play DDO and FFXIV, although we’ll see how the extended stay hotel’s wireless is like for playing MMOs. I’m not even sure my laptop can properly run FFXIV, but maybe I’ll find out soon!

I hope not to be too delayed

Anyway, once I settle on a job I’ll have to do a serious move which will take more time. I’ll try to post on here, but I’ll beg forgiveness now if I don’t post very regularly. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a bit more stability in my life in the near future. :)

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  1. Good luck with the job search resolving into something good! I know it will, though, it’s the stress in the meantime that’s no fun.

    Comment by unwesen — 26 June, 2016 @ 12:44 AM

  2. Best of luck with all of it, keep us posted! <3

    Comment by Ysharros — 26 June, 2016 @ 2:01 PM

  3. Go with your heart. Financial security is vastly overrated.

    Comment by Coppertopper — 26 June, 2016 @ 7:06 PM

  4. @Coppertopper Said nobody who had a mortgage, ever. :P

    Comment by Ysharros — 26 June, 2016 @ 9:19 PM

  5. Part of me wishes something of interest to you had opened up in Austin.

    Regardless, best of luck finding the right gig in the right place!

    Comment by Bart Stewart — 27 June, 2016 @ 1:16 AM

  6. I’ve been a bit worried about you, and I’m glad to hear you have some good prospects.

    Comment by Toldain — 28 June, 2016 @ 6:58 AM

  7. Just checking in good sir. Looks like you have lots of opportunities, which i’m glad to hear. Lots of paths. The moving part doesn’t sound fun though.

    Comment by Foggye — 29 June, 2016 @ 11:29 AM

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