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2 August, 2015

This week: The games I’m playing
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Blaugust, day 2

This week, we’ll start a bit slow and I’ll post about the MMO games I’m currently playing. There are two currently: Final Fantasy XVI (FFXIV) and Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO).

I’ll give a bit of overview today, then delve into details as the week goes on.

In Bartle terms, I’m mostly a Socializer and Explorer, with some Killer and almost no Achiever. So, keep that in mind as I discuss these games. I might not play like you, and I probably notice different things than you might if you were playing the same game.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

I’ve been playing DDO now for about 5 years. I started when Syp posted about the site Massively playing DDO. I had just installed the game to take a look at the cash shop, so I figured I’d give it a go.

All these years later, I’m still playing in 2 regular groups. One group includes my significant other who also played LotRO with me. It’s been fun.

It’s no secret I really like the free-to-play business model for the game, and I’ll go into a bit of that this week.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV has been an interesting game. I’m mostly playing it because a friend of mine back in California bought me the box, and it’s a pretty good way to stay in touch.

The game failed, spectacularly, when it first launched 2010. It was a disaster of epic proportions. But, Square Enix has deep pockets, and they were able to retool the entire game and make it into a massive success. I didn’t play the original version, but I’ve tried to read what I could about the previous version while playing the current version.

I’ve been playing for about 10 months now, including a bit of time where I played a free trial to get a bit of extra playing time in. It’s not a bad game and it does some things few other games are willing to try. Plus, it’s an excuse to chat with my friend. :)

So, this week I’ll post a bit about playing both games, with some comparing and contrasting. Please look forward to it!


  1. For those curious, I’m the Midgardsormr server in FFXIV (my friend was already on that server, otherwise I’d probably have rerolled to be on the Cactuar server with all the other bloggers). In DDO, I’m on the Cannith server mostly.

    Mild FFXIV spoilers
    I kinda like being on the Midgardsormr server with the Midgardsormr minion then getting on my Midgardsormr mount. Needs more Midgardsormr.
    Spoilers done

    Comment by Psychochild — 2 August, 2015 @ 1:36 PM

  2. Hey Psychochild,

    I just came across here today, thanks to twitter (without any reference about the previous post – at least one good thing about it :) ).
    It is funny to see that you are playing those two games i’ve been asking myself for a few monthes now if i should play or not.

    DDO seems, for some obvious PnP-player reasons, to be kind of good. Eventhough a lot of comments really pushed me away from the game. I’m looking forward to see what you have to say about the F2P model, being interesting but, imo, a very unstable model, mostly because of the never-ending-P2W flow that appears in most of the games using it.

    As per FF:XIV, it seems that all of the players are enjoying it since the refactoring. Sadly, again from what i’ve read, it seems that it doesn’t have any interesting PvP content, and while not being the major part of my play-time, is something that is important to me. So yea, again, i’m looking forward to read some more content about this game, to see if there is a bit more than just grinding content. I also understand that things are a lot easier if you tag along with some old friends, which is not my case, sadly.

    Comment by Charles R. — 3 August, 2015 @ 6:08 AM

  3. “Please look forward to it”

    LOL I saw what you did there!

    Comment by Jidhari — 3 August, 2015 @ 6:11 AM

  4. Charles R. wrote:
    It is funny to see that you are playing those two games i’ve been asking myself for a few monthes now if i should play or not.

    Heh. Well, hopefully you get some sort of idea about the games as I post more this week. I’d say that you should at least try out DDO after this week, as it is free to play. The beginning is pretty fun, but as I’ll post later the character system is pretty challenging to understand. But, once you master it, you can do awesome things. I’d recommend treating your first character like a trial run and then create a second character once you get the hang of the system. Also, if you want to play long term buying the 32 point builds is a good investment before building that second character.

    Jidhari wrote:
    LOL I saw what you did there!


    Comment by Psychochild — 4 August, 2015 @ 6:29 AM

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