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31 December, 2014

New year, new blog post
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It’s the end of the old year, and the new year is upon us. Time for a bit of looking back and looking forward, as I traditionally do.

Let’s take a look at how 2014 treated me, and what to look forward in 2015.

2015 seems like such a futuristic number for some of us. For those who grew up before the current millennium, the year 2000 was significant. Adding “2000″ to something made it sound futuristic. The computer firm Gateway used to be “Gateway 2000″. But, when the year 2000 finally arrived, it was no longer fashionable to add the 2000 to things.

So, to my younger self, 2015 would have sounded like such a far-out futuristic date. My young mind would have been full of space ships, moon bases, planetary colonization, and alien contact. The reality is, as it often is, a bit more mundane.

The year that was

Speaking of the mundane, 2014 was a year full of the mundane for me. I had to deal with lots of things that kept me preoccupied without accomplishing much. I spent time looking for a new job, dealt with the decline and passing of my cat, worried about a good friend diagnosed with lymphoma (but recovering well thankfully), and I somehow survived a move across the U.S. for a new job.

On the other hand, I have a new job working on Camelot Unchained which mostly made the costly and painful move across the country worth it. It’s nice to work with enthusiastic and generous people; in the game industry, the people you work with can make a lot of difference in how the job goes. I have high hopes for Camelot Unchained… at the very least I expect it to ship, so that’s a good thing for my career. :)

But, the massive move and busy times at work have meant there was little time for blogging. Now that things are more of a steady pace, I hope to be able to spend more time blogging. Of course, there’s always the usual problem of being careful not to cause problems at work with what I talk about on here. I’ve heard rumors that some people like to take things developer’s say and twist them for their own ends. But, the summary here is that you shouldn’t expect a whole lot of Camelot Unchained info to be spilled here. Go support the game with a pledge and get access to the exceptional backer forums for the game if you really want to know the inside scoop.

On the gaming front, I wasn’t playing much while the move was consuming my time. Now that things are kinda settled down, it’s been a feast of gaming after the famine. Most of my gaming time has either been mobile games (and Amazon’s Free App of the Day making up the majority of these ephemeral experiences), or Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). A friend of mine in California bought me the game before I left, and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with him. I just hit max level in one class, so that has opened up a lot more content for me to explore. But once again, the social bonds formed from gaming are strong. I’ve also still been playing DDO, too, although since my friend recovering from lymphoma was in one of the regular groups, my play time is less than it was in the past.

On the non-digital gaming side of things, I’ve gotten into a D&D (3.5 ed) group. Well, mostly. The vagaries of schedules, particularly this time of year, have meant that we’ve done more board gaming nights than D&D sessions. But I’m a fan of gaming of all sorts, so board gaming is fine. (Although I really look forward to getting back into role playing!)

A look forward to the new year

The nice thing about living in a new place is the opportunity to go exploring. There are lots of things in California I wish I had spent more time exploring. Living so close to Washington D.C., I have an opportunity to go learn more about history. I’m hoping trips to the city to visit the Smithsonian will be a prominent feature of this coming year.

On the gaming front, we’ll see. Nothing upcoming on the digital side of things has me super-excited. I’ve got a big enough Steam backlog that I will probably find something fun to do. The one game I’ve bought so far from Steam has been Bulletstorm. I’ve played a bit of that, but the draw of FFXIV has been strong during the holiday. So, I expect I’ll be playing FFXIV for another few months. And, with the expansion coming out this year, we’ll see if that catches my attention enough to buy into it. DDO will remain a game I play on occasion, as long a I have a good group to play with.

Of course, I expect a lot of time to be taken up with Camelot Unchained. Both working on it, and playing the game as it becomes more and more defined. A very exciting time, for sure.

And, I’d like to write more on here. I miss the community of people on here, and I miss the interesting discussions. I’m sure some people have taken this blog off their frequently visited sites list, but hey, I have social media to remind people when I do post! :)

How about you?

What did you think of the past year? And, what are you looking forward in the new year?

At any rate, here’s to more years full of gaming!


  1. Looking forward to more posts! While I’m curious about CU, I understand the inability to talk about it. Fortunately, I’ve long followed you blog for other reasons, and continue to do so.

    Here’s to a new year, with more interesting and insightful posts!

    Comment by Derrick Whittet — 1 January, 2015 @ 12:40 AM

  2. Hello Kind Sir,

    Very nicely written blog. I am myself very excited about your addition to the CU team. Been a lurker for years, new year so I made a comment.

    I do hope you do attend the Pax’s for work or pleasure, would be great to meet a developer I have followed for years. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Comment by Matt Guinness Shannon — 1 January, 2015 @ 5:56 PM

  3. Bladerunner was set in 2019, that’s how futuristic 2015 was! No sign of decent flying cars yet, and current Nexus Androids are falling rather short of the ones in the movie.

    On the plus side we still have real animals.

    Comment by Pasduil — 3 January, 2015 @ 1:02 PM

  4. Glad to see you poking around then community again, and especially glad you’re part of the CU team.

    Comment by j3w3l — 16 January, 2015 @ 4:29 AM

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