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8 April, 2013

Podcast interview on Epic Slant
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Over the weekend I got to chat with Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski and Chris “Syeric” Coke. We chatted about Storybricks, the tabletop RPGs I’ve supported on Kickstarter, and you’ll hear me totally geek out about the cosmology of the old World of Darkness from White Wolf.

You can listen to the podcast at:

A few more thoughts after the jump.

I didn’t get to talk more about how I really liked the character creation of the new World of Darkness games, even if I wasn’t fond of the mechanics changes or the settings. I thought the idea of taking a human then applying a “supernatural template” to it was pretty cool. I think this is one of the reasons why the new WoD games work well together.

Also, there’s some positive activity on Axes & Anvils that came in just today. Not sure I’ll see the physical books I ordered, but I might get some good .pdf files out of it. :)

If you have questions, post them below! :)

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  1. I hadn’t been aware you had written a book – what, why would I look at the ad on the top of your blog to see that it’s actually relevant? :) Sounds interesting, I’ll have to add it to my Amazon list.

    A question from your discussion of how you all seemed disappointed with the new (updated?) version of Werewolf – would the other extreme (not changing anything) be in some ways just as bad making changes that you all felt did not capture the spirit of the original game? Is the good idea/bad idea threshold different when changing a pen and paper game where players can continue to use the old rules as compared to an MMO, where everyone playing the game legitimately (i.e. setting aside the pre-NGE SWG people) is forced to live with every change you make?

    Comment by Green Armadillo — 9 April, 2013 @ 6:24 PM

  2. Hah! I guess I need to be more aggressive in my marketing! :P The book is no longer published and we’re looking to get the rights back. If this happens, expect an ebook version, so don’t pay stupid amounts for it if you can avoid it.

    Your question is complex, mostly because the economics of tabletop RPG publishing are a bit odd. Basically, most people will buy core books which are the most expensive, so coming out with new versions of the books is important. The original Werewolf: The Apocalypse had 3 editions, IIRC, each with subtly different rules and refinements. Coming out with a new setting was probably seen as a business necessity to get people to buy more books.

    As a gamer, though, I think not changing would have been preferable to making a change. I think they could have done another edition of the books to accomplish the same goal without making such a big break. I think it’s interesting to note that the main books out of the old White Wolf developers (now under a different company called Onyx Path) are the 20th anniversary books. And, the rumored World of Darkness MMO will be drawing upon the older work.

    Comparing tabletop RPG shifts to MMO updates is a little tricky, because tabletop RPGs are a very different beast. A lot of what you get out of a tabletop RPG is the content you create with it: content the GM creates to run the session, the content the party contributes as they play the session. A radically different system breaks a lot of this content people have created already. MMOs, on the other hand, are still primarily content created for the users, not guidelines given to the users to create their own content. The best comparison I can think of would be if Second Life closed down and then opened up a completely new and incompatible new service. Makes a lot less sense than, say, WoW removing talent trees to streamline the experience, even if it makes characters less personalized.

    That answer your question?

    Comment by Psychochild — 11 April, 2013 @ 12:22 AM

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