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13 December, 2011

Storybricks news
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Sorry I’ve been quiet the past few weeks. Jet lag is a harsh mistress.

But, I have some good news on the Storybricks front! We’ve announced dates for the beta of our SDK (story development kit).

In February 2012, we hope to allow you access to the initial Storybricks editor to create stories within a simple world. Note that this is not a “full game”. It’s as discussed before, an early version of the tool that you can use and give feedback on. We want to make sure this tool is useful before we release the full version. I hope those of you interested in more interesting MMOs make sure to check it out.

You can read more in the latest Storybricks newsletter. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and/or follow @Storybricks on Twitter to get the latest news quickly.

I’m flying back home soon, but post your questions here and I’ll answer them when I can, or get someone who can answer them to stop by.

Exciting times!

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