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29 October, 2012

Game Design lessons from Tony and Tina’s Wedding
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I had occasion to go to Las Vegas recently. I’m not a big gambler (at least not when it comes to risking money), but I did go see a show. I went to see Tony and Tina’s Wedding, a show I had wanted to see for a while. I particularly wanted to see this show because of the possible lessons one could learn as a game designer for stories in a multiplayer environment.

Let me explain a bit more about this show and what I learned.

15 October, 2012

Online behavior: trolls still trolling trolls
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There’s been a lot of discussion lately about online behavior after a high-profile troll’s name and information were exposed in an article. It’s brought up a lot of interesting discussion about the role of online communities and free speech.

Let’s take a look at the complicated issues behind these hot-button topics.

6 October, 2012

How a guild dies
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 11:03 AM

Earlier this year I was on EQ2, checking out the dungeon creator for the new expansion. I dusted off my old character, once near the apex of power but now sporting old gear and wondering about the strange locations on the world map. While I was playing catch-up, someone broadcast over general chat that they were starting a new guild with a novel idea: progress through the content and impose rules to make that content actually challenging. I feared that I didn’t have enough time, but I got sucked in anyway.

It was a lot of fun because it initially drew a group of people with similar goals. But, good things don’t always last, and the guild died a victim of many circumstances. Time has passed and the wounds aren’t so fresh, so join me as I turn a developer’s critical eye to what happened.

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