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31 December, 2010

The state of MMOs in 2010
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Let me write this last post to try to leave the old behind with the passing year. This is going to be a hard look at the past year, and it’s not going to be pretty. Let me purge the angst and bitterness now so that perhaps I can have a fresh perspective coming into the new year.

So, from a developer’s point of view, how was 2010?

28 December, 2010

It’s cataclysmic!
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I lamented on Twitter that I’d love to fly around the newly cataclysmed Azeroth, but didn’t feel like paying for the expansion (plus a month’s subscription) in order to buy the flying skill. Blizzard gave everyone a Christmas gift of a 10 day free trial to the game. So, not only did I not have to pay for the expansion, I didn’t even pay for a month.

So, here’s my perspective as a lapsed “WoW tourist” from the other direction.

24 December, 2010

Happy Holidays
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I figured I’d at least post on Christmas Eve, wishing all you out there a good holiday season. Life’s been busy, frustrating, tiring, stressful, exciting, and fun all at once. More than usual this time of year.

Read on for a little glimpse into my life if you’re truly bored of spending time with your family. Otherwise, go enjoy the holidays!

9 December, 2010

The Fae’s Wyrd ready for sneak peek!
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If you remember that post I made about an RPG to be done in 1 month, you know the one I made over 2 months ago? Well, the good news is the wait is over!

Want to get early access like others have? Go ahead and visit to make a donation. Just $5 will get you access to the game before we find a sponsor, and will go towards keeping us fed for another day.

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