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27 July, 2010

Two kinds of fools
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A quote I particularly like is attributed to William R. Inge: There are two kinds of fools: One says, “This is old therefore it is good.” The other one says, “This is new therefore it is better.”

I can’t help but think about this quote often in the game industry as new fashions are introduced. There tend to be two camps: one that clings to the old ways while fearing the new, and one that rushes to the new claiming it will wipe away the old. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between, but the game industry sure does like its extremes.

So, with this in mind, I want to take a look at social games and metrics-based game design, two more recent fashions to hit the game industry.

20 July, 2010

Indie funding
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They say money makes the world go ’round. It certainly makes it easier to eat and live under a roof.

My thoughts have turned to funding lately. Now that my focus is entirely on my own projects, I’ve been considering options on how to keep myself fed while completing a project. Most of you enjoy seeing a glimpse behind the curtain, so here are my thoughts about funding a smaller project.

11 July, 2010

RealID, social networks, and introverts
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 12:36 AM

So far I have not posted about the whole RealID issue. It’s one of those things that by the time I had something insightful to say about it, it had already been said in the outpouring of commentary about the issue. I was active in leaving comments on different sites, so it’s not like I didn’t have an opinion.

But, I think it’s interesting to take another look at the issue from another point of view. RealID is all about this whole social networking thing. How does this intersect with gaming culture, a subset of geek culture? And how does this relate to introverts which traditionally make up a significant part of those cultures?

7 July, 2010

Do you like cyberpunk?
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 1:19 AM

Well, do you? If so, do I have a new site for you:

Go read it, bookmark it and/or put it in your RSS reader. Then come back and read a bit more about why that site matters to MMO fans.

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