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25 February, 2010

GDC next month?
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 12:15 AM

As usual, I’m not going to attend the GDC proper, but I should be in the area for a day or two. If you’re interested in meeting up for whatever reason, drop me a line.

I also have a new bit of contract work going on next month, so exciting times in store!

11 February, 2010

MMOs change over time
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 4:40 AM

The title is funny because it seems like a tautology. Of course MMOs change over time! That’s part of what makes them so damned appealing to a lot of people. It’s why many MMOs survive for a decade or more whereas traditional games are lucky to still see active play for even half that long. This is why a “sequel” to an existing MMO doesn’t seem too bright.

But, this fact does seem to take some people by surprise. They go along and then suddenly they realize that this isn’t the game game the were playing years ago. They wonder what happened to the elements that made them fall in love.

2 February, 2010

Cultural differences in gaming
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 4:34 AM

I was recently talking with someone and the topic of cultural differences in gaming came up. Games made in one culture sometimes doesn’t seem to translate very well into other cultures. The example familiar to most MMO players is how Asian free-to-play MMOs don’t seem to translate over to the U.S. very well for a lot of reasons.

I’m going to be asking more questions than giving answers, but let’s look a bit at how cultural issues come into play in games.

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