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22 September, 2005

Why investment in gaming doesn’t happen
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Just saw this link from Greg Costikyan’s blog, and thought I’d share. It’s a talk given by journalist Dean Takahashi at the Video Game Investor Conference entitled “I Don’t Get It: Why Is It So *&@#$% Hard To Finance Video Games”. It has a great perspective in why the business side of things are so hard.

Some personal comments after the break.

14 September, 2005

Finding the Explorer
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I’m guilty of assisting in the derailing a discussion over on Dave Rickey’s blog, so I’m writing this post to make up for the derailing and to give us a place to discuss the issue derailing Dave’s discussion.

Nick Yee made waves a while ago when he did some formal research into player motivations in online games. He was building off of the previous work of Dr. Richard Bartle who wrote a paper based on his observation of the four (which he has now expanded to eight) basic types of players.

One of the most interesting observations is that Nick Yee found no existence of the Explorer archetype that Dr. Bartle wrote about. This has lead some people, including Dave, to speculate that the Explorer type doesn’t exist in these games. I’ll argue, however, that the Explorer type doesn’t appear in all games.

9 September, 2005

What is an MMO?
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 8:43 PM

The often insightful (inciteful?) Dave Rickey has posted an entry thinking about what “MMOs” really are. Using the metaphor of the blind men encountering the elephant, Dave advocates that we really don’t know what these beasts are.

I will, of course, politely disagree with Dave. These things are one thing: entertainment. What that means, of course, is the catch. As usual, the devil’s in the details.

5 September, 2005

Peter S. Beagle: a case study of creativity vs. business
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 5:30 PM

The Last Unicorn is a landmark book. A classic fantasy tale that has touched millions of lives. The author, Peter S. Beagle is undoubtedly rich and successful right?

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Until a few years ago, Mr. Beagle thought he was a failure. He was living in massive debt, under the threat of foreclosure of his house, and considering himself a massive failure. He got into some bad contracts and had other people fail to uphold their end of the contract.

Once again, we see an otherwise brilliant creative person with very little business sense.

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