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29 December, 2015

Pictures from Final Fantasy XIV
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I don’t take a lot of screenshots of games. Well, not the type of screenshots meant to be shared on a blog. I’ll take reference sceenshots for game development work, but that’s not the game thing.

One of the MMOs I’m playing the most right now is Final Fantasy XVI. I have managed to take a few screenshots of the game, and as an end-of-the-year special post, I figured I’d post some of them.

13 November, 2015

Measuring raid performance

As I’ve posted before, I play FFXIV as one of my primary MMOs. I’ve been playing the new “Heavensward” expansion recently, and the first major patch lands this week. With the patch comes the first of the new raids.

As I might dip my toe into some of these raids, I was thinking about how to measure raid performance. How do you identify a good raider from a poor one?

28 October, 2015

Seasonal events and tone
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As we get into fall, we start getting into the “holiday season”. The first major one is coming up: my birthday. Although, the day before is also Halloween, so maybe that takes precedence.

MMOs tend to have special events around these times to celebrate the season. Let’s take a look at the current Halloween events in the two MMOs I play and see how tone is affected by these events.

16 September, 2015

Making competitive play interesting
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I’ve worked on a number of competitive Player vs. Player (PvP) games. Meridian 59 is notorious as a hard-core PvP game that had passionate fans. To be honest, I found the PvE aspects of the game to be very lackluster, but the PvP fights? Intense and unforgettable. What makes a competitive game so much more interesting?

22 August, 2015

Ask me almost anything!

Blaugust, day 22

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I’ll be monitoring the comments most of the day to day, and I’ll answer what I can.

Again, the one major ground rule is no questions about Camelot Unchained. Sorry, I’m not authorized to give out any information. I recommend you visit the main site, as there is a ton of information on there about the game.

For today’s post, I’ll answer a question already posed yesterday.

8 August, 2015

Odds and Ends in the games I play
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Blaugust, day 8

So, it’s been a week mostly talking about Bartle player type perspectives on the games I play. Let me go into a few more small bits about the games I currently play to round out the week.

7 August, 2015

Killing in the games I play
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Blaugust, day 7

Time for the last Bartle category: Killers. I think this is the least understood and also the least catered to group. But, let’s take a look at what Killers are and what opportunities there are in the games I play.

6 August, 2015

Socialization in the games I play
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Blaugust, day 6

Next up on the Bartle chart, Socialization! I often rank high on the Socializer motivation, so being social in my MMOs is important to me. I play both FFXIV and DDO with people I know offline, so the social dimension is a little bit interesting for me.

5 August, 2015

Exploration in the games I play
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Blaugust, Day 5

Continuing with the Bartle theme, let’s take a look at the exploration options in the two MMOs I play currently. Again, we’ll see how the two games can offer very different experiences in the same category.

4 August, 2015

Extra special post for today: Project Gorgon
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 6:39 AM

Awesome indie developers Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers are still hard at work on Project Gorgon. They launched their third Kickstarter attempt, and it’s already successfully funded.

If you like MMOs and cherish indies, then you really should go support them:

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