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1 November, 2015

It’s my birthday again
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These birthday things keep happening. Something about the linear nature of time. Well, I’m at least one year older if not necessarily one year wiser.

31 August, 2015

UPDATED: A list of Blaugust participants
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There were a lot of people writing a lot of posts this month on gaming. Wilhelm put together a list which I’m going to copy while giving appropriate credit..

If you’re bored and need a whole lot of other post to read, here’s a hefty list to keep you occupied.

EDIT: Wilhelm was a slacker. I copied the new, updated list from him!

  1. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  2. A Green Mushroom
  3. A Technical Rejoinder
  4. Adamantly Complacent
  5. Aeternus Gaming
  6. Ald Shot First
  7. Alexandria Mack
  8. Ash’s Adventures
  9. Aywren Sojourner
  10. Battle Priestess
  11. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
  12. Bio Break
  13. Blue Kae
  14. Cannot Be Tamed
  15. Comics and Cookies
  16. Contains Moderate Peril
  17. Couture Gaming
  18. Diary of a Mom Gamer
  19. Endgame Viable
  20. Fickle Fangirl
  21. Floor Tank Gaming
  22. Game Introspection
  23. Gamer Girl Confessions
  24. Gaming Identity
  25. Goobbue Crossing
  26. Hello Kitsune
  27. Herding Cats
  28. I Have Touched the Sky
  29. In An Age
  30. Intermittent Daily Posts from Howard
  31. Jamie’s Blog – Daily Vlogs
  32. JVT Workshop
  33. Kateri Morton
  34. Knifesedge
  35. Lair of the Wolf Dragon
  36. Leaflocker
  37. LFGryph
  38. Light Falls Gracefully
  39. Lock and Bolt
  40. Me Vs Myself and I
  41. Memoirs of a Lady
  42. MMO Gypsy
  43. Moonshine Mansion
  44. Murf Versus
  45. My Epic Fail
  46. My Life in Azeroth
  47. Nerdy Bookahs
  48. No Market Collective
  49. Nomadic Gamers
  50. Pizza Maid
  51. Pleasant Gamer
  52. Psyche Plays
  53. Psychochild’s Blog
  54. Sagacyte’s Digital Adventures
  55. She Rides Dragons
  56. Soul of the Forest
  57. Soulbound Life
  58. Soultamer Gaming
  59. Sparks in the Horizon
  60. Star-Fired Beef
  61. Starshadow
  62. Stars of the Spiral
  63. Static Refresh
  64. Stropp’s World
  65. Stylish Corpse
  66. Tales of the Aggronaut
  67. Thalen Speaks
  68. The Adventures of Xinrae
  69. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  70. The Driveling Dwarf
  71. The Friendly Necromancer
  72. The Mystical Mesmer
  73. The Tankquisition
  74. Through Wolfy’s Eyes
  75. Trail-food for Thought
  76. Tyrannodorkus
  77. Why I Game
And now we reach the end of #Blaugust
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Blaugust, Day 31

With weary fingers and teary eyes, we reach the end of the Blaugust adventure. Time for a bit of thoughtful reflection about the adventure.

22 August, 2015

Ask me almost anything!

Blaugust, day 22

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I’ll be monitoring the comments most of the day to day, and I’ll answer what I can.

Again, the one major ground rule is no questions about Camelot Unchained. Sorry, I’m not authorized to give out any information. I recommend you visit the main site, as there is a ton of information on there about the game.

For today’s post, I’ll answer a question already posed yesterday.

21 August, 2015

Ask me (almost) anything tomorrow!
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As part of Blaugust, I’m going to do an AMAA (as me almost anything) tomorrow on here. I’ll post up a bit, but will take questions and answer them as I can. The one big restriction will be no questions directly about Camelot Unchained; sorry!

Ask me about game development, MMO playing, writing, or whatever you think might be interesting for me to talk about.

If you’re super impatient, you an pose a question in the comments here and I’ll write about it in the main blog post tomorrow.

16 August, 2015

What I think of #Blaugust so far
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Blaugust, day 16

Here we are, just past the half way point for the month and I’ve been going strong so far. Today, I wanted to reflect on the experience so far.

15 August, 2015

Social Media: how to improve your experience
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 5:06 PM

Blaugust, Day 15

So, I’ve spent the week bemoaning social media. What can we do?

The reality is that a lot of the problems are problems with the culture that has developed on social media sites. Once a culture is established, it’s really hard to change it without a massive amount of effort. So, most of these suggestions will be steps you can personally do to improve your experience.

14 August, 2015

Social Media: blocking others from your bubble
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 6:44 AM

Blaugust, day 14

I’ve written so far this week about the sins of social media, and the problems that hinder what should be the greatest communication medium of all time. Today, I address the last issue I’ll cover: blocking others and the bubble reality some people cultivate.

13 August, 2015

Comments are broken for now. D:
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 9:28 PM

Comments are broken. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I suspect it might be something where the comment IDs are nearing 2 million. Long running blog + lots of spammers = big numeric IDs. Or it could be some problem with the database size.

I’ll poke at it more in detail when I have some time tomorrow or over the weekend. For now, if you really want to comment, I might recommend following me on Google+ where I’ve been cross-posting about the blog posts.

And, if anyone has any experience with WordPress and this particular error, let me know. The symptom is that submitting a comment seems to not do anything. I’ve disabled all the plugins and that did nothing. My preview plugin lets you preview the comment, but shows a comment ID that seems rather odd given that no new comments are coming in.

If you have any ideas, email me:

Social Media: tribalism and signalling
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 6:16 AM

Blaugust, day 13

Today, we’ll look at one of the biggest problems on social media: tribalism. People like to belong to groups, and social media has made it easier than ever to demonstrate allegiance to a particular group.

And this creates a lot of problems when it comes to actually communicating on the internet.

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