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1 November, 2015

It’s my birthday again
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These birthday things keep happening. Something about the linear nature of time. Well, I’m at least one year older if not necessarily one year wiser.

31 August, 2015

And now we reach the end of #Blaugust
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Blaugust, Day 31

With weary fingers and teary eyes, we reach the end of the Blaugust adventure. Time for a bit of thoughtful reflection about the adventure.

30 August, 2015

The humanizing influence of the internet
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Blaugust, day 30

Technology is a funny thing. It sets humans apart from nearly every other animal on our planet. Every technology has both good impacts and bad, and sometimes its hard to see all the impacts a technology will have is even is having. Throughout history, people have been wary of technology and the changes it brings. For some people, change is always terrifying. But, without change, humanity would stagnate and wither.

Perhaps no change has been more profound in recent memory than the Internet. And, while some people fear the change, others have chosen to embrace it. I think you might know which side I’m on. :)

23 August, 2015

This week: How I would start a game project
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Blaugust, day 23

The theme for this week is how I would make a game. I’m going to do a high level view of what it would take to start a game project. It’ll be a blend of business, design, development, and leadership issues.

Read on for a few more ground rules for what I will be posting this week.

22 August, 2015

Ask me almost anything!

Blaugust, day 22

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I’ll be monitoring the comments most of the day to day, and I’ll answer what I can.

Again, the one major ground rule is no questions about Camelot Unchained. Sorry, I’m not authorized to give out any information. I recommend you visit the main site, as there is a ton of information on there about the game.

For today’s post, I’ll answer a question already posed yesterday.

21 August, 2015

Ask me (almost) anything tomorrow!
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As part of Blaugust, I’m going to do an AMAA (as me almost anything) tomorrow on here. I’ll post up a bit, but will take questions and answer them as I can. The one big restriction will be no questions directly about Camelot Unchained; sorry!

Ask me about game development, MMO playing, writing, or whatever you think might be interesting for me to talk about.

If you’re super impatient, you an pose a question in the comments here and I’ll write about it in the main blog post tomorrow.

1 August, 2015

Oh, why not? It’s #Blaugust
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Blaugust, day 1

So, there’s this thing called Blaugust that all the cool kids do. I’ve avoided it in the past because I tend to like to write longer, meatier posts. But, as some of you might have noticed, that isn’t what has been happening lately. But, I’ve been telling myself I should post more.

So, I’m gonna dive int the deep end and post this month. We’ll try to do one post every day this month, and see if that gets things flowing again.

1 April, 2015

New Project: Indie MMO Space Game!
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 8:48 AM

I’ll keep this short, because who wants to read a bunch of text when I’ve got a game to pimp!

I’m starting a new project I’m calling Indie MMO Space Game! It’s the culmination of a lot of research about what is successful in developing games.

Read on for more details.

31 December, 2014

New year, new blog post
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It’s the end of the old year, and the new year is upon us. Time for a bit of looking back and looking forward, as I traditionally do.

Let’s take a look at how 2014 treated me, and what to look forward in 2015.

25 November, 2014

Doing some troubleshooting
Filed under: — Psychochild @ 5:45 PM

Apologies if the site isn’t working optimally over the next few days. I’m doing some troubleshooting to find a problem. It might be my host, but it could be some strange interactions between plugins and my current version of WordPress.

The good news is that you may expect some more posts over the next little bit. :)

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